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Spite: Egar's Rage

Use the power of the sun to blaze your way through the frozen minions of the moon!
  • Diablo lll inspired combat gameplay

  • Three unique levels and menacing bosses

  • A dark, cold dystopian world with only you as the remaining heat source


My contributions

I was the principal level designer for Act 3 in the game, where Egar has reached the summit of the mountain and fights his way through the Temple of the Moon to find it's lord and bring him to justice. I worked closely with the graphical artists and programmers to make it come to life. My main goal was to design the level around the feeling of bringing home the chickens to roost.

  • Paper design

  • Reference gathering

  • Level blocking

  • Enemy placement

  • LOD-prepping

  • Story development

  • Environment design

  • Navmesh

  • Lighting

  • Art QA in engine


Try it for yourself at:

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