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Goblin Doctors

In a world where orcs are constantly battling for supremecy, grab a friend and fogure out how goblins doctor in this chaotic world.

  • Presented at the Gotland game conference 2017

  • Developed over eight weeks in Unity

  • Every orch you save come back to sing you a song at the end of the level.

  • The more you save, the more they can harmonize.


My contributions

I was asked to join this project mainly as producer and game designer. I was also a prop artist at the time, this was before I discovered level design.

  • Game design

  • Prop design and modelling in 3DSMax

  • Texturing in 3DCoat

  • Marketing

  • Presenting

  • Unity collab


One page design document that me and the team at Vertele Productions came up with.


Promotional material for the Gotland Game Conference.

Goblin Doctors.png

Perhaps Goblin Doctors 2 is on the horizon?

Me presenting at the conferance in 2017. We were runners-up to the presentation award that year.

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