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Serpentine Estate

An investigating journalist seeks to unveil the strange incidents of the Serpentine Estate, but finds himself fighting his way out of an otherworldly mystery. ​

  • Resident Evil II inspired gameplay

  • Explore a mysterious estate and uncover the mystery of what happended to the baron.


My contributions

I came in late to this project to help out with the leveldesign side of things, jumping from UE4 and one workflow/pipeline to Unity, and a different genre to boot. It was a fun challenge and I really enjoyed the change of pace.

  • Playtesting

  • Late changes to layout after player feedback

  • Microstories and propping

  • Optimization using room culling

  • Enemy placement

  • Lighting

  • Art QA in engine


New overview after my changes.


Old overview from when I joined the team.


The Study. Propping and lighting done by me in Unity
exported to One Engine, our in house engine.

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