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After bonding with a mysterious power you’ve been taken to a secret test facility and prodded by scientists. Use the newfound power to escape, at any cost.

  • Max Payne 3 run and gun inspired gameplay

  • Work your way up through three lab levels and three office levels


My contributions

I was project co-ordinator until my help was needed elsewhere. The final four weeks of production I was with a different team and helped finish Serpentine Estate.

Together with my team I helped plan, build and populate eight levels. We ended up cutting three and shipped five.

  • Project co-ordination

  • Level blocking in Unreal 4.27

  • Player taskforce

  • Scripted event taskforce

  • Collision generation

  • Generated geometry using Houdini tool made by Tech Art Axel Furuvik

  • Enemy placement

  • Cover placement

  • Navmesh-generation

  • Art QA in engine

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